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  • Canada : Union leaders attend the UN Conference on the Status of Women [more]
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Patty Hajdu, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development & Labour will be at IBEW Local 529 union hall on Monday, March 25th, 2019 from 2:15 to 3:15pm.

There will be a roundtable discussion for the business managers on the 2019-20 Federal Budget and what it means to us.


Members are welcome to come for refreshments and interact with Minister Hajdu following the roundtable at 2:40 pm.


Please join us and bring a friend!






 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 529 reminds us that most acccidents at a job site involve young inexperienced workers during their first six months of employment. In fact, around the world, a worker is killed every 30 seconds and that's why on April 28th special ceremonies will be taking place across the country to mark the annual International Day of Mourning. It's a day to remember those injured or killed and commit to a safer work place. 

IBEW Local 529...Where job safety is the number one priority!








Every year the 1st District Canada raffles off a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, plus two $5,000 cash prizes.

Only 500 tickets will be sold!


We have 5 3 tickets here at the office for anyone who might want one. Must be an IBEW member to purchase and win.


The proceeds are used to help fund the annual All Canada Progress meeting, being held in Vancouver, BC this year.








 Vice President Dave Schellenberg swearing in new President Tom Greschner.




 55 year member Ed Herman receives his pin from Vice President Dave Schellenberg.


 55 year member Al Heath receives his pin from Vice President Dave Schellenberg.









Winners of the IBEW Local 529 Golf Tournament 2018!

Tyler Labuick, Al Swenson, Kelly Light






Canadian Building Trades Unions Calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to Bring Stakeholders to the Table

April 10, 2018 – (Ottawa, ON) – The Canadian Building Trades Unions are calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to hold an emergency meeting by bringing the Kinder Morgan Pipeline stakeholders to the table.

Earlier this week, the future of Trans Mountain pipeline expansion was cast in doubt as Kinder Morgan Canada suspended all non-essential activities and related spending on the project in the face of mounting opposition in British Columbia.

“The last several months has seen unfortunate statements and behavior by certain individuals and this project is too important to our country and our economy to see this happen,” says Robert Blakely, COO of the Canadian Building Trades Unions.  “That is why, it is far time, that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calls on Premier of British Columbia, the Premier of Alberta, CEO of Kinder Morgan Canada, and all other relevant stakeholder, at the same table and move this project forward in a positive way for Canada, once and for all,” continues Blakely.

Kinder Morgan Canada said it will consult with various stakeholders to try and reach an agreement by May 31 that might allow the project to proceed, adding it needs clarity on its ability in doing construction in B.C. and protect its shareholders.  “The Canadian Building Trades Unions, who represents over 500,000 construction trade workers in Canada, was never included by Kinder Morgan Canada, but wants this project to move forward for the betterment of Canada and its economy,” says Blakely.

“Every day that goes by without commencement of the project is further delay, more cost, and the possibility of the cancellation of the Trans Mountain pipeline and that is why we feel strongly that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau needs to show leadership on this file,” concludes Blakely.













 Below is some recent news on the impact of cannabis legalization in Canada:  













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