IBEW Local 529
#10-3703 Kochar Ave
Saskatoon, SK S7P 0B8
Telephone: (306) 384-0529
Fax: (306) 384-0100
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President -  Kelly Shanofer

Business Manager - Garnet. G. Greer


Monty Antifaev
Duane Peace
Cory Smart
Al Swenson
Keith Thibault




Empowering Saskatchewan's  Construction Electricians

For over 60 years, IBEW local 529 has been dedicated to:

  • Promote respect among members of the electrical industry.
  • Advocate reasonable methods and hours of work.
  • Secure employment and adequate pay.
  • Settle employment disputes.
  • Seek security and a higher standard of living for construction electricians in Saskatchewan.

IBEW 529 Core Values

Our local union operates according to three core values that guide the actions of all we do:

  • Respect – For all workers and employers.
  • Brotherhood – Assisting members in sickness or distress.
  • Citizenship – Promoting a high standard of citizenship within the community.

IBEW 529 represents construction electricians in Saskatchewan above the 51st parallel and is governed by an executive elected by and from our members.




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