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Welcome to our website!


Keep phoning in and registering for QEW training. Dates will be posted once they are confirmed. We have 50 members on our waiting list already. We will keep training as demand requires. 

 QEW Dates:

February 2 & 3

February 9 & 10

February 16 & 17

February 23 &24




July 3rd, 2017 will be our Local Union's 70th anniversary.

2017 is also an election year for your Local Union Officers. Nominations will be at the April 2017 membership meeting. Ballots will be counted in June and installation of officers will be done at the July 25, 2017 membership meeting.



To be eligable to run for office, the membership meeting credit requirement language is no longer in effect. The only eligibility requirement now is that you must be a Journeyperson member in good standing at least two (2) years in the Local Union immediately prior to nomination.



Below are pictures from the St. John Ambulance First Aid Training on January 30&31 here at the Local Union.


Organizer, Shane Madden and member Shaun Bourque at Sask Polytechnic Job Fair


Pictures from the first two courses of QEW Training:




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